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Toy Shopping

Over the summer a number of kids had lemonade stands so we decided to take them shopping. We contacted Inova Children’s Hospital to get a list of the toys that they would like for their patients. We met at the local Target Store and let the kids pick out the toys from the list. We […]

Seniors helping Ellie’s Hats

Had a great afternoon with some wonderful ladies. I took them out shopping and to lunch. We bought yarn for them to use to make hats for Ellie’s Hats. After shopping we went to lunch. These women are part of the group of crocheters at Little River Glen Senior Center. The hats in the pictures […]

Jul. 28, 2015 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Live and Recorded Public meetings of Jul. 28, 2015 Board of Supervisors Meeting Part I for Fairfax County, VA Source: Jul. 28, 2015 Board of Supervisors Meeting Part I – Jul 28th, 2015 Fast forward to 1:32:40 to see the Proclamation for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

A Big Shout out to Rock Water Farm

Todd is the owner of Rock Water Farm which is a local landscape company in northern Virginia. I had put up a post on our community Facebook page to see if a local company would help mow the yard for a family that had a daughter battling cancer. Todd wanted to help and his crew […]

Ellie’s Treatment: Day 784

This is from a blog that Ellie’s father writes. On Day 1, Ellie became a cyborg. Part girl, part machine. Her opening day surgical procedure included the placement of a mediport—  affectionately referred to  as “the port”—entirely under the skin in her chest. It’s round, about the size of a quarter with a plastic catheter […]

Turning 50 isn’t so bad.

Turning 50 is not such a bad thing after all. Jamie Scoggin’s, a friend of ours, was turning 50 and her family wanted to have a party for her. She said that she would only agree if guests were not allowed to bring gifts for her. Instead they could bring a hat or make a […]

More than just a hat

When Ellie’s Hats first started we added the tag line “more than just a hat” with the thought that the hat was more than just a hat to the child that received it. The hat was something special for them to wear and it also showed the family that people cared. Now that Ellie’s Hats […]

The First Lemonade Stand of 2015

The Mathes Family had the 1st lemonade stand of the summer of 2015. The twins Owen and Riley had a great time and were so pleased with what they had done. The community support was awesome with so many children in the neighborhood stopping by to get some lemonade.              […]

“Why is it so important to go gold in September?”

  The simple answer is, “Because it has to begin somewhere” and it all begins with awareness. The fact that childhood cancer; our nation’s number one killer of children by disease receives so little funding and research is unacceptable and it needs to change. Change will only occur if more people are aware. If we […]