Glory Days Grill

Ellie’s Hats is proud to be one of Glory Days Charitable Partners. This summer Glory Days Grill has been collecting hats at many of their Northern VA restaurants, and Ellie’s Hats has been participating in the Glory Days Dining for Dollars Program to raise funds for the important work that Ellie’s hats does on a regular basis. Glory Days Grill and Ellie’s Hats are looking forward to working together in the future to help Ellie’s Hats with their mission! #morethanjustahat #glorydaysgrill.




Alina’s 10th birthday party.

Alina decided to ask her friends to donate money towards Ellie’s Hats instead of gifts. This wasn’t the first time that she had asked her friends to donate to a charity instead of gifts. She raised enough money to be able to go to the mall and pick out some hats that kids will love getting. Alina is added to our list of Young All Stars.

Alina's 10th birthday party

Spring/summer hats

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As spring is approaching some of you might be interested in helping Ellie’s Hats collect hats for the children to wear as the weather gets warmer. People have asked me “do they need hats in the spring too” and the answer is yes they need hats year round. The chemotherapy treatments that the children go through makes their skin more susceptible to the harmful affects of the UV rays. I hope to answer some common questions that you might have  below. If you still have a question after reading the information below please email me

I would like to get some hats to donate but I don’t know what kind of hat to buy?

  • I suggest that, if you have children, you tell them why you want to buy a hat for Ellie’s Hats and let them pick out the hat. When collecting hats we try to remind everyone that these children are all ages and boys and girls.

If I buy some hats where do I take them?

  • Depending on where you live they might be able to be picked up are you can drop them off.
  • If you live out of the northern Virginia area they might need to be mailed.

Can I put up a post on my personal Facebook page and collect hats?

  • You will be surprised by how many of your friends will want to donate a hat to you. In fact that is exactly how Ellie’s Hats got started. One post led to 140 hats.

I would like to see about holding a hat drive at my child’s school what should I do?

  • Being a teacher this is my favorite place for a hat drive.
  • I would encourage your child to talk to a teacher or a counselor about the idea of a Ellie’s Hat drive.
  • I can provide you with a flyer.

I would like to hold a hat drive at my office what do I need to do?

  • We can provide you with flyers, signs and a guide to help you, so that it does not take a lot of your time.
  • If you have a small office you might think about having co-workers donate and use the money to buy a few nice hats.

What about a hat drive instead of presents for my child’s birthday party?

  • We have a special place in our heart for any child that would like to donate hats instead of receive presents.
  • What we would suggest is that instead of having the guests each bring a hat bring a $5.00 donation. With the money collected the children could pick out a few hats from a website or catalog.

I want to help but I do not have any spare time right now what can I do to help?

  • We understand that with family and work most people barely have enough time for themselves.
  • If you would like send a hat to a child with cancer you can donate $20 on the website which would help provide a new hat and bring a smile to one of these children.


Thanks for your interest in Ellie’s Hats and if you have any questions please contact me


Hopecam keeps child cancer patients connected

When children are diagnosed with cancer, they may feel isolated from their friends and classmates. But one local organization is working to keep them connected socially and help them thrive in school.

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