Seniors helping Ellie’s Hats

Had a great afternoon with some wonderful ladies.
I took them out shopping and to lunch. We bought yarn for them to use to make hats for Ellie’s Hats. After shopping we went to lunch. These women are part of the group of crocheters at Little River Glen Senior Center. The hats in the pictures were picked up a week ago and the last picture is some of the yarn that they will be using to make hats. #ellieshats

Knit Tastic Knots

Since Ellie’s Hats started we have been very fortunate to have people donate hand made hats. The hats below were donated by Knit Tastic Knots. Some children are going to love receiving them. Hopefully we can get some pictures to share.

It really is “more than just a hat” Dec 2014

Our tag line is “more than just a hat”. Here are Juan’s mother’s comments in a Facebook conversation that we had.

* Thank you so much. And thanks for helping this poor kids in hard time.

* He definitely love his hats!

* We really appreciate it!

* He love the hat especially the cow one.

* I don’t have words enough to say thank you for make my baby l laughing.


Hat making day at the clinic 2014

It was so nice to get a chance to go to the clinic and help some children, battling cancer, make some hats. The children enjoyed themselves as you can see in the pictures. It was a heartwarming and a heartbreaking experience.

Hats from Peru

We have even received hats from Peru.


UVA Hat Making Event 2014

The First Year Council at the University of Virginia held a hat making event in November. They delivered 35 hats to the UVA Children’s Hospital. The remaining 40 hats were given to Ellie’s Hats to be donated. Here is a quote from the President of the Council. “Our event went very successfully! We had a larger turnout than expected and even ran out of hats to paint before the event ended.”

Hidden Valley High School

The DECA students at Hidden Valley High School collected over 800 hats from their efforts promoting Ellie’s Hats. They even created a video to tell their story. Hidden Valley DECA.





600 Hats from Pacific Headwear

We are very grateful to Pacific Headwear for their donation of 600 hats. These hats will be used as blank hats for children to decorate and wear. We will also have  Ellie’s Hats embroidered on some of them. The embroidered hats can be giving to children and sold to followers to raise funds so that we can purchase and ship more hats. After seeing the post one of our followers decided to send an email to another hat company and they are also going to send us some hats. With generosity like this we are able to get hats to more children. Unfortunately we will never have enough hats for every child battling cancer but we are going to do our best to try.



Seniors Make Hats

LRGOn Tuesday, August 19th the ladies of the Knit & Crochet Club at Little River Glen Senior Center in Fairfax, VA donated 170 hats to Ellie’s Hats! The ladies, who also make lap blankets and hats for veterans, have been only working on making these hats for just over two months. Michelle, the Assistant Director of the Wakefield Senior Center in Annandale, VA, served as liaison between the two senior centers and Ellie’s Hats. After seeing Ellie’s Hats on Fox 5 DC she started coordinating efforts between the Knit & Crochet Clubs at Wakefield Senior Center and Little River Glen Senior Center, and she hopes in the near future to work with other senior centers, all of which are a part of the Department of Neighborhood & Community Services, of the Fairfax County Government.
The ladies at Little River Glen Senior Center are very enthusiastic about making more hats and are very delighted that something they created with their hands will bring comfort and smiles to brave children.

Helping through hats

Almost done

Two years ago,  Robin Viar’s doctor spoke the words no patient wants to hear: “It’s cancer.”
Viar was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in March 2012 and given a 10 percent chance to survive. Determined to beat the odds, Viar pursued aggressive treatment in Texas and currently is cancer-free.
After Viar’s successful treatments, she and her husband, Ted, and their two children, 13-year-old Katy and 14-year-old Reid, reflected on how difficult the past months had been. Then, they started imagining how much more harrowing it would be for children facing cancer.
“We felt like, for as much as we’d been through, it breaks our hearts to see children go through what I did,” Viar said.
The family wanted to find a way to help children battling cancer, and Viar soon discovered a Virginia-based nonprofit, Ellie’s Hats. The charity is named after Ellie, a 4-year-old girl diagnosed with leukemia in 2013, and collects hats of all sizes, shapes, colors and designs for children fighting cancer.
“People can donate to (Ellie’s Hats) with fun children’s hats … things that kids will love to wear – beach hats, character hats, things they would get excited about,” Viar said.
The Viar kids talked about it and ultimately decided to host hat drives to benefit patients of the Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. Viar discovered after talking with Ellie’s Hats founder Jay Coakley that most of the hat drives held in Virginia and beyond were organized by children. Viar agreed to provide support for Reid and Katy, but she encouraged them to spearhead the drives in order to align with Coakley’s vision for the organization.
“The biggest thing about the hat drives that the founder wants is that kids, children, are really the ones leading the drive. Of course, adults are helping, but the kids are doing it for other kids,” Viar said. “I talked to my kids about it … (and) said, ‘I will support you and be your backup, but you guys will be the ones (leading it).’”
Reid didn’t need coaxing from his mom to become involved with Ellie’s Hats. He watched his mom endure difficult treatments and lose her hair, so he can somewhat relate to what the children who benefit from the drive are facing.
“I liked the idea of it, I liked how the organization was available for the kids,” Reid said. “… I have an idea of what they’re going through. You just understand what’s happening, and it’s easier for you to help them.”
Reid and Katy set up two collection bins – one at The Bean and Belle Children’s Art Studio, where Katy takes classes, and another at The Athletic Barn Waxhaw, where Reid plays baseball. The Athletic Barn drive will collect hats through July 31, while Bean and Belle will collect hats during its summer camp sessions – July 21 to 24 and 28 to 31 and Aug. 11 to 14 and 18 to 21. Both locations have served as drop-off sites since June 23.
Reid said seeing donations come in has been a huge confirmation that what he and his family are doing will make a difference in children’s lives. He also said the drive has been an opportunity for the family to experience some much-needed healing after two difficult years.
“It’s gone from us having to go through that and it being tough, to us being able to help other kids who have gone through the same thing,” Reid said. “It just helps to know that you’re making a difference for those kids.”
The Viars will deliver the hats to the Levine Children’s Hospital once the drive ends, and Viar mentioned the possibility of an ongoing partnership between her family, Ellie’s Hats and the hospital. In the meantime, she’s enjoying seeing her kids’ dedication and is proud of what they’ve accomplished.
“They’ve been through a lot,” she said. “They understand that life is bigger than them and it’s not just about them. I feel very proud that they want to do something for others.”
People can drop off donations at Bean and Belle, 103 W. South Main St., or The Athletic Barn, 5412 Waxhaw Marvin Road. Find more information about Ellie’s Hats at