Video: Ellie’s mom talks about Ellie and Ellie’s Hats

Ellie's mom Jennica

Play Video Ellie's mom Jennica wasn't able to take Ellie to a Jackson General's baseball game she had been invited to attend as a special guest of honor so Jennica put together this video thanking them and sharing a little about Ellie and Ellie's Hats. … [Read more...]

Scitor Corporation

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Thanks to the employees of Scitor Corporation for their generous donation. They collected over 100 hats and raised over $300 which will be matched by Scitor. … [Read more...]

A specialty license plate with a special goal: To raise childhood cancer awareness

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If all goes according to plan, hundreds of cars on Virginia’s roadways will soon display a special license plate with a small gold ribbon and a far bigger goal: to make passing motorists think about the wide-reaching impact of childhood cancer. During the General Assembly session this month, Del. Thomas A. “Tag” Greason (R-Loudoun) will present a bill that would make specialty license plates, featuring the gold ribbon of childhood cancer awareness, available to all Virginia drivers. The … [Read more...]

Jack and some hats


We received this nice email from Jack's mother. "Thank you so much for the thoughtful, holiday pack of gifts for our son, Jack!  What a nice surprise and a blessing to us.  He is 16 and has Ewing's sarcoma.  He has already had four surgeries and is undergoing 17 rounds of chemo, (he is currently on round 7).  These hats will help him and a few other pediatric cancer patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to stay warm and to feel loved through the winter season and beyond, (he has … [Read more...]



From Skyla's Mom "This hat was Skyla's favorite. In this picture we were about to leave for the cancer center. Thank you!! You sure did place a smile on Skyla's face!" The baby in the picture is Skyla's.               By the way. It's a doll :) … [Read more...]

Knit Tastic Knots

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Since Ellie's Hats started we have been very fortunate to have people donate hand made hats. The hats below were donated by Knit Tastic Knots. Some children are going to love receiving them. Hopefully we can get some pictures to share.     … [Read more...]

It really is “more than just a hat” Dec 2014


Our tag line is "more than just a hat". Here are Juan's mother's comments in a Facebook conversation that we had. * Thank you so much. And thanks for helping this poor kids in hard time. * He definitely love his hats! * We really appreciate it! * He love the hat especially the cow one. * I don't have words enough to say thank you for make my baby l laughing.   … [Read more...]

Hat making day at the clinic 2014


It was so nice to get a chance to go to the clinic and help some children, battling cancer, make some hats. The children enjoyed themselves as you can see in the pictures. It was a heartwarming and a heartbreaking experience. … [Read more...]

Hats from Peru


We have even received hats from Peru. … [Read more...]

UVA Hat Making Event 2014


The First Year Council at the University of Virginia held a hat making event in November. They delivered 35 hats to the UVA Children's Hospital. The remaining 40 hats were given to Ellie's Hats to be donated. Here is a quote from the President of the Council. "Our event went very successfully! We had a larger turnout than expected and even ran out of hats to paint before the event ended." … [Read more...]

Hidden Valley High School


The DECA students at Hidden Valley High School collected over 800 hats from their efforts promoting Ellie's Hats. They even created a video to tell their story. Hidden Valley DECA.       … [Read more...]