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At Ellie’s Hats, we strive to make a tangible impact on families’ lives nationwide. It started with a hat, but it’s reached further than we could ever imagine. Find out what we’ve done, and why we do it.

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200 Newly Diagnosed Pediatric Cancer Patients Get “Hero Bags” to Help Them Fight Back
So often, a pediatric cancer diagnosis leaves kids and their families feeling shocked, shattered and alone. Partnering with Inova, we’ve donated over 200 “Hero Bags” to newly diagnosed kids that are filled with items to help and support them and their families. These Hero Bags were put together with thoughtfulness and care by the Child...
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VR Goggles Gives VCU Children’s Hospital a Way to Explore Outside
Too many kids feel stuck in their hospital rooms while receiving treatment. Now kids at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU can use donated cutting-edge VR Goggles to “go beyond” the hospital walls and have immersive experiences that bring fun and adventure in their days.   Explore opportunities to get involved with Ellie’s Hats...
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Double Robotics Tech Allows Kids to Virtually Attend School
For students who cannot physically attend school, we partnered with Double Robotics to provide robotic technology that allows kids to attend their classes virtually within the Prince William and Loudoun County School Systems. Explore opportunities to get involved with Ellie’s Hats to find out how you can make an impact.    
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