About Ellie’s Hats

Ellie’s Hats donates hats to children battling cancer and much more. In the spring of 2013 a little girl named Ellie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. By the time she started kindergarten in the fall, she had lost most of her hair and was wearing hats to school every day. Ellie’s Hats was born after one of her teachers noticed how much cheer and individuality the hats brought to Ellie. He wanted to share that feeling with other children who suffered from childhood cancer and to also raise awareness. Click the image to the right to watch a short video.


With the support of  our partners and sponsors we have been able to donate thousands of hats to children across the country and send items, such as ipads, dvd players, tvs, and gift cards to locations treating pediatric cancer patients.

How You Can Help