Inova Children’s Hospital Pizza Party 2015

Last night, Washington Redskins Pierre Garçon and Chris Baker and D.C. United Bill Hamid and Travis Worra joined Capital Restaurant Group CEO Fouad Qreitem for a special “Paisano’s Pizza Party” at the Inova Children’s Hospital in Falls Church. The local athletes came together to visit patients under the age of 17 with gifts and pizza in honor of the holiday season.

Garçon, Baker and Qreitem paid a special visit to friend Juwaan Espinal, a Centreville, VA teenager with cerebral palsy. Last year, Paisano’s and Garçon raised over $20,000 to buy Espinal a specialized van to drive him around in his wheelchair.

“We are grateful to have been part of an event close to my heart. I was born and raised in this community and we are committed to giving back to our local families. Paisano’s appreciates everyone’s willingness to make this happen. Thank you to Pierre, Chris, Bill, Travis, and Ellie’s Hats for joining us. A very special thank you to all those at INOVA who care for these patients and their families around the clock; we recognize that you are the true heroes.” said Qreitem.

Pictures from the party


2 Young boys in our neighborhood

There are 2 young boys in my neighborhood that are battling cancer. Matt and Jack attend the same elementary school and live fairly close. Matt loves Duke and Jack loves dinosaurs. Ellie’s Hats is working with Paisano’s Pizza to help these 2 families.

Matt Jack Wolfe

Meet Serenity

Serenity (642 x 711)

We had the chance to meet Serenity, AKA Little Miss Sunshine. She really is a ray of sunshine in a city filled with snow. Serenity just celebrated her 4th birthday before coming to Boston Children’s for treatment for neuroblastoma. She loves her frozen ear muffs.

Dash’s 8th birthday

small_Dash_small2Dash is a young boy that is battling leukemia since Feb 2014. Here is how his mother describes Dash. “He is an energetic, crazy-fun kind of 7 year old boy. He’s the type of kid you’d like to wrestle in the living room till you can’t take him anymore then rush downstairs to a good movie, cuddle up on the couch, and laugh at his hilarious 7 year old take on the movie’s events. His spirit, personality, and overall character give you an immediate impression of a boy that will grow into a smart and successful man with the kindness and manners that would make any parent glow with pride. A truly beautiful soul.”



Jack and some hats

We received this nice email from Jack’s mother.

“Thank you so much for the thoughtful, holiday pack of gifts for our son, Jack! What a nice surprise and a blessing to us. He is 16 and has Ewing’s sarcoma. He has already had four surgeries and is undergoing 17 rounds of chemo, (he is currently on round 7). These hats will help him and a few other pediatric cancer patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to stay warm and to feel loved through the winter season and beyond, (he has decided to give a couple of the hats to some of his fellow patients at Sloan). The Cars toys and the iTunes card are also very much appreciated.

Ellie’s Hats is such a wonderful organization. The children and teens really feel uplifted by the care packages and hats and the knowledge that they are loved and supported. Thank you so much!”



From Skyla’s Mom

“This hat was Skyla’s favorite. In this picture we were about to leave for the cancer center. Thank you!! You sure did place a smile on Skyla’s face!”

The baby in the picture is Skyla’s.

By the way. It’s a doll 🙂

It really is “more than just a hat” Dec 2014

Our tag line is “more than just a hat”. Here are Juan’s mother’s comments in a Facebook conversation that we had.

* Thank you so much. And thanks for helping this poor kids in hard time.

* He definitely love his hats!

* We really appreciate it!

* He love the hat especially the cow one.

* I don’t have words enough to say thank you for make my baby l laughing.


Hat making day at the clinic 2014

It was so nice to get a chance to go to the clinic and help some children, battling cancer, make some hats. The children enjoyed themselves as you can see in the pictures. It was a heartwarming and a heartbreaking experience.

Anthony’s great news

We hope to have many posts like this. This is Anthony in the hat we sent. What a cutie.


Ahmie got her Elsa Hat

AhmieI received PM from Ahmie’s mother, through Facebook, around 9:00PM one evening.  She asked if it would be possible to get a hat like the one from the movie Frozen. I immediately contacted Michelle because I knew that she had made this same hat. Michelle made the beautiful hat that you see Ahmie wearing in the picture and shipped it to her. We are so glad that Ahmie like her hat and sent us a picture to share with all of you.




Ahmie and her momAish