Toy Shopping

Over the summer a number of kids had lemonade stands so we decided to take them shopping. We contacted Inova Children’s Hospital to get a list of the toys that they would like for their patients. We met at the local Target Store and let the kids pick out the toys from the list. We were able to purchase over $1,000 worth of toys, that were delivered. The kids seemed to really enjoy themselves.













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The difficult posts

These types of posts are always so difficult.
One of our friend’s, Mary Elizabeth, got some bad news this week.
Here’s the news as told by her mother. After reading please leave a comment for Mary Elizabeth. She is a brave little girl.
“Quick post to tell that the results of the biopsy was that Mary’s leukemia has spread. We wanted to avoid telling her but the look on our faces told it all. She told her brother and sister and they are very upset. Lots of decisions have to be made over the next few days/weeks but the fight is far from over. Mary said she wants to keep fighting and is not even close to giving in. What is weighing heavy on me is that she has to endure more of this awful disease. It is so evil. Also we have to figure out a way to keep our family all together. I can’t bear to be separated any longer from my other children. We will figure all this out. Right now I just ask for lots of prayers. I am a wreck and Mary is upset that I can’t quit crying. I told her I just have to get it out of my system and I will be fine. I know God is there for us always and will make our path straight. When she saw we were upset she asked, “Am I gonna die?” I said, “Not even close” and she said, “Fine then whatever it is I can handle it!” She always does and with such strength and grace. As usual she is more worried about everyone else.”
Mary Elizabeth

2 Young boys in our neighborhood

There are 2 young boys in my neighborhood that are battling cancer. Matt and Jack attend the same elementary school and live fairly close. Matt loves Duke and Jack loves dinosaurs. Ellie’s Hats is working with Paisano’s Pizza to help these 2 families.

Matt Jack Wolfe

Dash on the North Dakota Today Show

Hat making day at the clinic 2014

It was so nice to get a chance to go to the clinic and help some children, battling cancer, make some hats. The children enjoyed themselves as you can see in the pictures. It was a heartwarming and a heartbreaking experience.

Anthony’s great news

We hope to have many posts like this. This is Anthony in the hat we sent. What a cutie.


Super Cam

Cam is one of the first children that we started giving hats to. “SuperCam” McNeil was diagnosed with High Risk PreB ALL Leukemia Oct.of 2011.

Cam (Large)Super Cam

Grace’s Hat Drive

unnamed (9)STAMFORD – A Stamford elementary school held its graduation today, but one student is still working hard to help children battling cancer. Two months ago, Grace Targonski, a fifth-grader from Davenport Ridge Elementary School, proposed working with a charity to help sick children across the country. She joined Ellie’s Hats, a nonprofit organization that delivers donated hats to children’s hospitals around the country. Grace says her inspiration came after her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago. She soon realized how sad it must be for a child that is battling the deadly disease. She says that in one week, the school has already collected 50 hats.


Meet Dash

Dash_1000On February 25th, Dash was diagnosed with Leukemia. He is an energetic, crazy-fun kind of 7 year old boy. He’s the type of kid you’d like to wrestle in the living room till you can’t take him anymore then rush downstairs to a good movie, cuddle up on the couch, and laugh at his hilarious 7 year old take on the movie’s events. His spirit, personality, and overall character give you an immediate impression of a boy that will grow into a smart and successful man with the kindness and manners that would make any parent glow with pride. A truly beautiful soul.

The kids and their hats

Click on the picture to see  some of the children wearing their hats from Ellie’s Hats. Lots of smiles.