The construction beam

While we see  many sad stories about children battling cancer and what their families are going through we also see stories about people making small gestures that mean so much to these families. This news clip is about what some construction workers are doing that means so much to some parents who have a child at Boston Children’s Hospital. Some of the children mentioned in the story are children that we have sent hats to and come to know. They are the ones in the collage.

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A remarkable story

This is such a great story about a childhood cancer survivor coming back to the place where she battled cancer 20 yrs ago. Jennifer was a patient at CHOP and now she is a nurse and wants to practice at CHOP. Her family lives in the northern Virginia area and I have had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer’s mother Gail and her adorable younger sister. I wish that I was posting stories like this on a regular basis. I hope that hearing about Jennifer gives parents of children that are battling cancer some hope.


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Video: Ellie’s mom talks about Ellie and Ellie’s Hats

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Ellie’s mom Jennica wasn’t able to take Ellie to a Jackson General’s baseball game she had been invited to attend as a special guest of honor so Jennica put together this video thanking them and sharing a little about Ellie and Ellie’s Hats.