$20 – Helps send a package with hats and other gifts to a child battling cancer

$50 – Allows us to purchase two $25 gas gift cards which are appreciated by the parents

$100– Will fund one of the “Hero Bags” that will be given to a newly admitted pediatric cancer patient at Inova Children’s Hospital

$250– Will pay for one of the monthly family dinners we host at Inova Children’s Hospital

$500– With a  donation of $500 we will add you as a sponsor for 1 year.


Donations to Ellie’s Hats are tax deductible 

If you have questions about your donation please email us at



Holding a hat drive can be very rewarding for people of all ages, and can be especially educational for children. At Ellie’s Hats, we strongly believe that the whole process of selecting a hat for a child with cancer is so much more meaningful and impactful for children than donating money.

 For more information, please complete this form, and an Ellie’s Hats representative will contact you shortly.



Help Ellie’s Hats raise awareness. Most people do not know that the international awareness symbol for Childhood Cancer is the gold ribbon. Putting one of these gold ribbons on your helmet, cleats or bat is a great way to help raise awareness of childhood cancer.  Get your entire team to wear them to really help raise awareness.


We are selling these for $7.50 per sheet of 25, +$2.50 for shipping for the entire order. To purchase some of these go to the donate page on our website and make a donation. Make sure to indicate how many sheets you are ordering and where do mail them.